Saturday, May 10, 2008

To-Do for Next Week

Aside from adding compost and scattering some eggshells around, I haven't done much fertilizing. I got a lot of blossom-end rot last year, so I need to do a bit more than *nothing* this year.

- Put paper collars on eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes
- Water all the veg with Epsom Salts water, 1 Tbl to 2 gallons.
- Figure out a way to control the pillbugs in the potatoes.
- Shear grass and mulch with it.
- Cut back the Sedums out front, and root cuttings.
- Clear some space in the back for herbs and parsnips.
- Plant germinated parsnips in tubes. (done)
- ENJOY the iris and peonies that are about to bloom.

Going to work on Mom's yard tomorrow for Mother's Day:

- Clear planting beds near gate
- Plant sweet potatoes
- Set up a fish box of greens
- Find some pea fence twigs to bring home
- Make room for straw bales
- Discuss bean poles
- Patrol front yard for weeds
- Still need to call recycling places
- Look harder for straw bales - Oley Turnpike Rd?

We had to miss the Master Gardener Sale, much to my disappointment. But the Oley Vo-tech has a sale from its greehouse next Tuesday, so maybe we can still find some nice things. We can always get more veg at Glick's, or try another nursery.

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