Friday, May 2, 2008

Plan for Mom's Yard

My plan for Mom's yard is developing. So far:

- dig and amend a root vegetable bed
- do some straw bale gardening for other veg
- do a lot of the sprawling plants that don't fit in my yard
- culinary herbs in containers - she has lots of pots

Thinking: sweet potatoes, pole beans, winter squash/gourds/pumpkins, cucumbers, cabbage and kale, at least one tomato for her to eat. Watermelon?

Going to the County Extension's Master Gardener Sale next Friday, where I can look for veg to plant in her yard. Although, I got such a good deal on canna bulbs last year...

Kyle agreed to go pick up straw bales in his pick-up for Mom's yard. I need to find some bales first. I am going to dig a root bed for her tomorrow afternoon, and have Kyle get bales if I can locate some.

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