Thursday, May 8, 2008

Independence Update - Week 1

My first official weekly update on the Independence Challenge, yay!

Planted: parsnips, english daisies, garlic chives
Harvested: leaf lettuce and lemon sage
Preserved: drying lemon sage
Prepped: extra stock pot at a yard sale
Cooked: found new source of stale artisan bread for pudding
Managed: stored peppercorns, canola oil
Systems: worked on Mom's garden plan
Reduced Waste: cut grass for mulching veggie beds
Learned: researched various solar cookers
Library: The Pruner's Bible

My own addition: build a paper reference library! Continuing to buy a used book every Wednesday, focusing on organic kitchen gardening and food preservation topics right now. Working on printing out my web-based recipe collection, to have a paper back-up.

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