Thursday, May 15, 2008

May Bloom Day Photos

First day of the first flower (in four years) on the peony we named Dolly. I am joining the many garden bloggers who post "what's blooming" on the 15th of each month. And it also happens to be the day that the peonies and iris first bloomed. DD15 saw it first from her window when she woke up, and ran downstairs into the yard in her pajamas, yelling, "Look out back!"

The peony "Betty" also has two flowers, slightly different than Dolly, with a little white fringe in there. I should try to figure out what these are one day. I don't even know if May 15 is an early, mid-season, or late peony.

This is also opening day for the iris, another plant that was already here when we moved in, and for which I have no ID. I know some people have thousands of iris, and I have just these few, but they are mine and I love the deep solid royalty of the purple.

Just yesterday, it looked like this.

The peas are blooming. Took this snap yesterday, and today they look a little ragged because I put in pear twigs as peas trellis, and made them stand up better.

The salvia looks great, and the yarrow behind it is close to blooming. So much to anticipate.

The sweet little lyre-leafed sage just got flowers a day or two ago, and I hope it casts seeds around under that hosta. I have to clear some of the sedum so it isn't choked. Last year, the hosta provided shade for the sage later in the season.

There is a tiny viola at the edge of the veggie bed, self-seeded, self-empowered.

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