Monday, May 19, 2008

Planning Round-up

As it starts to look very likely that we will move sometime this summer, I thought it would be good to go through my planning lists and round-up all the unfinished tasks that need doing.

In my own yard:

- water with Epsom Salts water, 1 Tbl in 2 gallons
- move potatoes out of pill-bug bucket - to Mom's
- finishing shearing grass for mulch
- Cut back the Sedums out front, and root cuttings.
- even out planting edge next to path
- make gift basket-gardens of greens and herbs
- find 5-gallon buckets to salvage
- buy 2 more bags of potting soil
- spray the peonies with baking soda water
- root cuttings of salvia and baptisia
- pot up - bee balm, small salvias and sedums
- move to Mom's - small peony, more iris (after bloom)

In Mom's yard:

- clear planting bed near gate
- prepare bed for carrots and parsnips
- plant sweet potatoes
- set up a fish box of greens
- find room for straw bales
- look for bean pole materials
- Patrol front yard for weeds
- call metal recycling places
- check into straw bales on Oley Turnpike Rd

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