Friday, May 9, 2008

More veg in

Weather - nice steady light rain forecast for the next few days.

Our dentist appointment in Oley was canceled, but they didn't tell us before we got there, so we had breakfast at the Legion diner instead. I need to ask where they get their chipped beef; it has a smokier taste than the usual diner SOS.

Of course, we had to stop at Glick's. To replace the murdered eggplant, I selected a "Little Fingers," since I really liked that one last year. It was a good-looking plant and very productive. I also got another 4-pk of celery to add another little row. And four sweet potato slips that I hope to plant at Mom's.

The zucchini will be "Green Spineless" this year. I liked "President" last year, with its big silver-spotted leaves, but Glick's offered a different variety this year. It looks so small in the big bucket but I know that will change quickly. I am going to try collaring the plant in tin foil against the vine borers. Or maybe drape the whole pot in row cover.

(Zucchini, Cherry Tomato, and Chickpeas lining the walk)

Also got a 4-pk of Profusion Zinnias in "Apricot." I know I have seeds, but I didn't get them planted yet and I am impatient. The iris and peonies are going to explode soon, and I feel like I have to check every few hours to make sure I don't miss it!

I planted the eggplant, celery, and zucchini right away, in the rain. Everything looks very lush when it's wet. The grass and clover seem to have grown 6" in a day. All the potatoes are now poking out of the ground. Some of the yellow onions bulbs seem to be sticking out of the ground too far, although they are growing nicely. I think I will put a little layer of compost in that patch, and mulch it with cut grass - on a drier day.

I need to find more planting room - maybe carve back the grass edge of the path to make a narrow bed for something. I have a lot of herbs sprouting, and I could use a bush cucumber.

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