Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Challenge: 30 Walks

I read somewhere that if you do something for 6 weeks, it becomes established as a habit. Or, if you stop yourself from doing something, you break a habit.

It's my birthday in 30 days, so I plan to take a walk every day until then. I've been needing to walk more, but I never seem to actually do it for more than a few days in a row. Once I get to 30 Walks, I will be two-thirds of the way to establishing it as a habit.

Took my first walk tonight, with an 11-year-old. She led me up hills and to a flight of 36 stone steps (I counted) to the basketball court at the playground, and then into the woods to see the vine swing she wanted me to approve. Then she toured me all through the features of the playground - puddles to float bottle caps, hills to roll down, places for scootering and such. I don't know how far we actually went, and it wasn't classic "walking", but it got me out of the house and my heart was certainly pounding at times.

Now, let's see if I can find time to take another walk tomorrow.


LisaZ said...

Good for you! I should do the same thing...only mine would have to be 38 walks, for 38 days before my b'day on Aug. 7. Or really just a walk every day anyway!

30 seems so young these days...

Have fun on all your walks.

Lisa in MN

Matriarchy: said...

Oh no, I am not going to be 30. I can barely even remember 30; I was just a baby then. I just thought it was a nice round number when I thought of the walk challenge for myself. I am going to be 47!

LisaZ said...

Oh, whoops! I don't know how I assumed 30 walks for 30 years. Oh well!