Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Neighborly Pepper

I noticed the neighbor planting his garden and stuck my head over the wall to see what he had. Lots of transplants of hot peppers, lots of tomatoes only about 6" apart, cilantro, onions. From previous years, I know that he will put in tall stakes and make rope trellis for the tomatoes. He gave us a yellow pepper plant that looked longish on the tag I glimpsed - not sure if it is hot or not - but we stuck it in an empty spot among the green onions to try it out. We will have make sure to give them produce this summer. Our conversation is a little short since the man has limited English and I have no Spanish - but gardening somehow makes that inconsequential. His wife and I trade food samples, although she has even less English - we mostly smile and nod at each other.

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