Thursday, May 8, 2008

Milk Jug hothouse results

I have a weed issue with the potting soil in the milk jugs. The same weed popped up in most of the jugs - sadly, sometimes it was the only thing that did sprout. I suppose it could have blown in, but it seems more likely that the bagged potting soil was contaminated.

Here in Zone 6B, the regional last-frost date is this week, and the marigold seedlings were out of room, so I potted them in market packs until I decide where to grow them. I found it hard to tease apart the roots, so maybe I should pot them sooner next time.

Nothing happened in the lavender jug. The herb sprouts are just teeny little things still getting their second set of leaves, so I am leaving them in the jugs until they are big enough to handle. The Genovese and Cinnamon Basil sprouted, and one other jug, but I can't tell if it is the thyme or the marjoram, yet. All the jug labels washed off - I have to label better next time.

This was my first attempt at winter-sowing, and I only did 6 jugs and 4 flat trays. Two jugs failed to grow and most of the tray action has been disappointing. The spinach mustard did great, but no action from the blackberry lily, or from the pennyroyal I put in the fridge for several weeks before bringing it outside. There is a 4th tray that has a few tiny sprouts finally, but I can't recall what I planted!

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