Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Taylor Bean propagation disappointing

Nothing much happened with the Taylor beans. One looked like it was thinking about germinating, and poked out a little thing that might be a root one day. I stuck it in a pot of dirt. Maybe it will grow, maybe not.

I need to find something else to try. I want shell beans and dried peas this year. Some snap beans and garden peas will be okay, too, but I want the dried ones more. I need to find out what grows well around here. I posted to the PA forum at GardenWeb, but it doesn't seem to be getting much traffic. A woman did give me a good method for intensely planting peas and beans - dig a wide shallow trench and plant the seeds all across it, 1" apart in all directions. Then cover and insert twigs for pea fencing, or supports for pole beans. She said it came from an old Victory Garden book - and she never soaks them first.

Maybe I should look for the things I buy in cans! Cannelinis, garbanzos, northern whites, black beans, etc...

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