Monday, April 28, 2008

More good progress at Mom's

We put a lot of stuff out at the curb for the spring bulk-trash pick-up at Mom's house. Lined almost the whole front curb. It made a big difference in her back yard. Most importantly, she put out more stuff on her own, which tell me she is getting the message. On Saturday, DD15 and I worked on making one of the backyard beds look better. We want her to get immediate visual gratification for making changes.

Next to the back door is a brick-edged bed with roses, poppies, and lily-of-the-valley, but choked with grass and full of garden tools and stakes against the wall. We made a spot around the backside of the house to sort stakes and tools into milk crates. We sorted all the stuff, and sawed the ends off some broken tools to leave the handles for stakes. Mom got to work weeding. The bed looks good now, and the plants will fill in more normally. I still have to work on getting the poison ivy out of the Rose of Sharon bush at the corner of the house.

Made a big pile of cast iron scrap - have to call the recycling place this week to get prices and get rid of that stuff. We established a brush pile with a carpet path to it, so we can gather stuff for an annual chipping event. I want to also start a second compost pile near that. We will need to clean out the whole composting area behind the shed.

Next, I want to clear some actual vegetable bed. I want to be able to do some substantial planting by Mother's Day. Bean poles would be good.

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