Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Herbs and more Onions in

I made six milk jug hothouses - hot jugs? Heh. I now it's late in the "winter-sowing" season, but there is still a good danger of frost, and stuff will sprout faster in the jugs.

I over-watered one jug and have to wait for it to drain, but I planted the other five: Lavender "Munstead" from a swap, Cinnamon Basil, Genovese Basil, Thyme (unidentified variety from a swap), and Sweet Marjoram.

DD11 planted a whole quarter with yellow Stuttgarter onion sets. The white onion quarter is doing well with little sprouts all over, but the bunching onions don't seem to be doing much. Maybe I will try them again in a fishbox, since they don't need a lot of depth.

11 also asked me to dig a patch just for her to plant whatever she wants. She said she doesn't want any help - she will look it all up on the internet. I will dig a rectangle at the edge of the grass next to the brick path. DD15 and I need to finish the path this week.

I filled a big fish box with soil, but didn't plant it yet. The spinach and lettuce are doing well, and I could use this box for the next succession of planting in a week or so. Maybe romaine. Planted Japanese Blood Grass in a bagged meat tray. If it goes well, I can use it for swaps. (Note 5/31/08: the JBG never sprouted at all. Could have been bad seed - came from a seed swap.)

Also filled two clay pots from a yard sale - but I may empty the big one and use it to pot a dug-up guara. I need to move the largest one away from the mulberry stump. The stump is sprouting again, and I am going to paint the leaves with Round-up, repeatedly, if necessary. So I don't want any keeper plants near it until I kill it once and for all. (Note: The guara is doing well in a pot, and the stump was susccessfully dug up; no chemical intervention needed.)

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