Friday, April 18, 2008

Hardening off herbs

Weather: Low 80s daytime, 50s at night. Rain expected Sunday (Earth Day) and Monday, followed by a cooler week nights in the upper 40s and days in the upper 60s. We could use the rain - pretty dry for the past 2 weeks.

In my own yard, I have brought out the potted herbs that we overwintered. A little trough of sage (pretty straggly), a rosemary from last summer, and a lavender. I am very happy to have gotten the rosemary through, after last year's powdery mildew horrors. It was drier upstairs in Celeste's window environment. I put them on the warm sidewalk with the bean plant in the pot. Might have to cover them next week for a few evenings. It will go back down to cooler temperature after a few days in the 80's.

I am doing a bad job with the milk jugs. I didn't tape them all, so they evaporate more than I would like and I don't water them enough. Uneven moisture is going to slow down germination. Trying to get back into my regular morning water patrol habit.

Almost forgot: there is a place to get composted leaves in Exeter, which we can visit since that is Mom's township. We can take fishboxes there and fill them to haul the dirt. Have to remember to get more fishboxes Wednesday.

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