Sunday, June 15, 2008

Market Sunday

DD11 and I got up fairly early this morning and headed out to the West Reading Market. Good day. Faller's Pretzels has a stand - hooray! Couldn't bring myself to pay $4.75 for strawberries, so I hope there are still some to pick at Ontelaunee. But we got some great oregano and sage that I plan to dry. I spent time talking to the flower-and herb lady and completely forgot that I meant to buy bamboo poles from her. The guys from Two Ganders Farm that brought live bees, and we bought a pint of raw honey ($7) and some garlic scapes ($1). We also got more organic hot dogs from B&H and a dozen eggs from the Reigel stand. After the market, we went to a car wash and spent two hours washing, vacuuming, and detailing the car for Father's Day.

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