Sunday, June 15, 2008

June Boom Day Photos

This bloom day seems to come just before a lot of things start to bloom. But I do have blooms, at my house and at Mom's. Larkspur, Coreopsis "Creme Brulee", and two Veronica "Alba" that have gotten droopy. There's a shovel hiding behind the larkspur, where I clearing space for some cabbage starts. Here are some marigolds I grew from saved seed, and some Profusion Zinnia in Apricot, just getting started.

The salvia and my few roses are just ending for now. The guara is about to start, and I see buds in the monarda. The Stellas are really going to town. That stake in the photo is for an eggplant slowly coming up next to it. The Evening Primrose on the other side of the Stellas really had a good year, too.

The Lamb's Ear is just starting to bloom, and the Yarrow "Moonshine" is still holding up nicely. The unknown sedum that I have going from a cutting is starting to bloom already - I left the buds on it to see what it might be.

Mom has a lot of the same stuff I do, and her yard is "between blooms" to a large extent. Her Campanula Glomerata "Joan Eliot" and Snow-in-Summer are ending, daisies mostly not started. She does have some nice lilies starting, and some robust rose campion that did not photograph well. I spotted a great mass of Red Hot Pokers down the block from her. When my yard seems dull, I look at what other people have blooming, and plant some of whatever it is, for next year.

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