Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Excellence

Today was filled with pleasant birthday surprises. I had some business to attend to this morning, but the afternoon was devoted to celebration. DH took me out to lunch at Smokey Bones - I love their smoked turkey, each bite eaten with a bit of baked beans. Then we saw a movie, Iron Man.

When we came home, my mother was there with the girls. DD11 greeted me with her gift, a watercolor garden painting. I will try to scan it and add an image later. It is a very detailed watercolor of gardens and patio. DD11 also spent much of the day secretly baking a cake for me in our neighbor's kitchen. She was helped to bake a chocolate cake with white icing, from scratch, very elaborately decorated with my age spelled out in sprinkles and spiral candles that looked like fireworks.

Mom and I went out to tour the latest garden developments, and she ooh'ed and aah'ed in all the right places, like the celery tied up into little bunches to blanch.

We opened a few gifts on the back porch while dinner was developing. DD15 had sewn me a new tote bag, cleverly made from a pair of black twill capri pants, and lined with grey satin. The pockets had become slots for cell phone and keys. I saw her working on a sewing project right under my nose, but I thought she was making something for herself. My mother gave me very nice Foxglove gardening gloves, and DH gave me a Leatherman Gardening Multitool.

DD15 made dinner - succulent porkchops with horseradish mashed potatoes and peppery gravy. We all enjoyed an episode of Doctor Who, after which I fell asleep in my chair, very satisfied with my day.


LisaZ said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Lisa in MN

Matriarchy said...

Thank you, Lisa! I had a very nice day.