Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lettuce and spinach mustard

Weather: About 50, damp and cloudy with periodic drizzle.

Planted a fish box of Black-seeded Simpson lettuce. Also planted a recycled meat tray with a 10-cent packet of Spinach Mustard, which I never heard of before. I think it's the same as "mustard greens" also called "tendergreen." For a dime, it's worth a try.

Note: The clear plastic bags that bread comes in at the farmer's market bakery are perfect to slide over a meat tray. Remember to save them from now on.

Read up on coffee grounds a bit more. I will put them around the roses this season, and around the lettuce and greens. other vegetables may not like the acidity. It is recommended to mix 3 parts of grounds with one part of hardwood ash, to balance the acid a bit.

DD11 ground up all the saved eggshells, with a mortar and pestle. It made only a few inches in a spaghetti sauce jar. They are slow to dissolve, even ground up, but on the surface the ground around plants they are supposed to repel slugs.

The pair of mourning doves have returned. They were sitting on the wires watching me to see if I would fill the feeder. Also saw a big pregnant alley cat. Must find a humane trap and get her to the Humane Society before she gives birth.

Forgot to get fish boxes yesterday - made a calendar note for next week.

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