Sunday, March 23, 2008

At the greenhouse already

Weather: There were snow flurries when I woke up at 8:30. But it wasn't too cold, and DD11 ran up to the egg hunt at the park, which was not canceled. She won a prize basket. The little bit of snow that stuck melted quickly as the day warmed up. Still dipping down below freezing at night, but regularly in the upper 40s and low 50s during the days.

I couldn't resist. I called Glick's to see if they had seed potatoes, and they do, so off I went. There were quite a few cars there - they have Easter flowers and lots of pansies. But I dived back into the humid greenhouse to see the tiny starts of tomatoes and peppers for later in the spring - like going into a restaurant kitchen to see how they make your dinner.

A little silly, making a trip for so little. I bought half a pound of seed potatoes for 45 cents - 3 of them actually, with all sorts of green eyes popping out of them. Red Pontiac from Maine. Felt a bit foolish - Glick's is in the middle rolling farm land, and I bought three seed potatoes. I hastened to explain that I had a tiny urban yard. I am seriously considering finding a tire and trying that potato-tower idea.

My first impulse buy of the year: another half pound of yellow onion sets for $1.35- Stuttgarter is the variety. Aren't I the big spender, with my tiny yard? Half a pound of onion sets is a lot, it seems - I don't know where I will put them all. The lady said the onions store well, which is what I am after.

I saw some things to try later in the season - peanuts sprouting, for instance. I've never even seen them grown up here. There are a lot of African daisies in an orangesicle color that appeals to me.

DD11 picked out a packet of Nantes carrot seeds - I told her she would be in charge of carrot tending - it may get her more interested in growing stuff. She had a good time throwing a wood chip for the Collie that lives at Glick's, named Cider. The two of them ran all over. We stopped for ice cream at the Oley Turnpike Dairy afterward, and walked through the sad little petting zoo out back. It looks even worse this early in the season with so little green. Like a prison camp.

Also picked up a bunch of 10-cent seed packets at Wal-mart. For a dime, some things are worth a shot, like sugar baby watermelons. I put the taters in an egg carton to chit when I got home. Now I really feel like spring is here.

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