Sunday, March 30, 2008

New greens to grow

I want to buy arugula seeds or starts. I've never grown it, but so many people have told me they love it. I found a recipe for a versatile arugula pesto, so I will have at least one thing to make from it. Two more people mentioned it at church today during coffee hour. Lots of gardening and cooking chat.

I also want to try cutting celery, an heirloom herb also called smallage or "soup celery". It's no good for salads, but the flavor is more intense than regular celery, which makes it good for soups and stocks. It looks like parsley and use it in a bouquet garni. It's biennial, and it you let it come back the second year, it will bolt and you get seeds that taste like regular celery seed.

Nothing germinating yet - checked all the boxes. The weather is warming slightly. No nights below freezing forecast for the next week.

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