Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Soapy Jug of Doom

When I went out to take down some laundry, there was a Japanese Beetle on a sheet. Argh! I went inside and made a new Soapy Jug of Doom for the season. I cut down a half-gallon jug and filled it half-way with soapy water. Then I keep it handy outside to knock beetles into. I already see some skeletal rose leaves.


Caroline Freedom said...

We're having those icky beetles too. I put wooden matches in the ground around plants, just stick them in head first. Mostly that keeps bugs off everything. The only damage I'm seeing is to the crepe myrtle and I didn't put matches around the soil on it (cause I ran out). Before I put the matches out I had little water cans in my plants to drown the beetles, like your Soapy Jug of Doom. This is a frustrating time of gardening season, especially for those who don't get any rain. I'm hand watering these days. Anyway, good work!!

Caroline Freedom said...

BTW, how did you like 10th Circle?