Monday, July 7, 2008

Cherry Custard Pie

The pie was better than the photo. The pie is scrumptious! A bit tedious to prepare - had to pit sweet cherries, then half them. Had to pre-bake the pie shells, and the custard takes a lot of beating. After baking, you have to cool the pies, and then, worst of all, you have to WAIT overnight (or at least 3 hours) to eat them! I recommend making at least two at a time. Worth heating up the oven on a summer night. Want the recipe?


MARIE said...

Yum. The pie looks delicious!

I bought a cherry custard pie at the Allentown Farmer's Market from The Amish Bakery. (I'm too lazy to bake one myself.)

It was good but I'll bet it's not as good as yours.

Thanks for the book list. Some interesting things there. I'm currently reading "The Fragrant Year", by Wilson & Bell about fragrant plants. The writing and illustrations are beautiful.

And a couple of mysteries - William Bernhardt and Janet Evanovich.

When do you sleep?????

Matriarchy said...

Sleep? Just kidding - I do sleep. I have even discovered the joy of the stolen afternoon catnap.

Pie is not so hard if you use frozen pie shells or those rolled up pre-made crusts from the dairy case. Very satisfying to bake.

That book "The Fragrant Year" sounds interesting. Not in my public library, but there is a big used book sale coming up, and I will look for it.

I will be closer to where you live on Friday - I am going to go pick apricots near Kempton.