Monday, May 4, 2009

Starting Year 2 of Independence Days Challange

I've been absent as a blogger for months. I am very occupied with the tasks of packing my house, helping my mother sort through her house, and coordinating our busy family shedule around our one-car lifestyle. For a few weeks, I was barely even cooking.

But I really want to keep feeling like I am still working toward Independence, even if I am mostly overwhelmed by current events in the family. I need to hang on to some little piece of sanity. The 10-11 months of solid IDC posting I did last year made me feel like I was really making progress.

So, inspired by Sharon's announcement of IDC Year 2, I am going to try to post an IDC update every Monday, even if it is piteously meager. Even if I don't have any photos. Here we go:

Planted: Nothing. Since we will probably leave this house with a month or 2, I didn't plant anything. I will clean up this yard, and move all my stuff to my mom's house, where we have yet to establish a veggie bed with real soil. I may be able to plant a fall/winter garden there. But the work on her house gets priority over everything else, so maybe no garden at all this year. At least perennial flowers are coming up on their own.

Harvested: Nothing. I do have a planter full of perennial garlic chives. For this growing season, I think I will use this "harvest" category to talk about locally-produced food.

Preserved: Nothing.

Reduced Waste: I get a negative score this week. I fridge disaster forced me throw away a lot of food. A thawing package of beef shin accidentally got hidden behind things on the top shelf, and leaked blood all over the produce. I had to throw it away and clean the fridge.

Prepped and Stored: We are getting more prepped in the sense that we are packing up labeled boxes of our possessions. I am getting less prepped because I am not buying new bulk, so that we don't have to move it this summer. I will re-stock after the move. We should have more pantry space at Mom's.

Community Food Systems: I still shop at the Farmer's Market and the local grocery that I have found to be most-local (Weis). I got eggs from a friend from chruch - they have more eggs than they can eat.

Eaten: We are definately eating out of storage. I am trying to thaw and eat everything from the freezer before we move. It saves me from having to do much grocery shopping right now. We had started eating too much convenience food when I started being at Mom's house a lot, but I spent this weekend stocking the fridge. I cooked up burrito filling, made curried split pea soup, thawed a chuck of ham we used in pasta, and roasted a turkey to make lots of leftovers. I just need to make yogurt tonight, and re-stock our veggies.


pelenaka said...

Stoppping & relocating your homestead is a huge task. Worse than starting from scratch.
I don't envy you.
Sending prayers.

fullfreezer said...

I so hear you about all the work of packing and moving. And you have to worry about sorting through 2 houses- I don't envy you that. Don't beat yourself up about not getting anything planted- maybe you can just do something small. Even if it's just a tomato plant tucked in a flower bed at your Mom's, it will at least give you the satisfaction of growing something!
Hang in there, you'll get through.

eunice said...

echo what others have already said and sending words of encouragement. you have a monumental task ahead which i have full confidence you will tackle with the inner strength, intelligence and audacity (i love that word. it's so sassy and fits you) that few are capable of. much luck and my thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your posts again! What a task, moving house. And don't be so hard on yourself for feeling like you have to meet the categories - life happens, and you've got to hang in there as best you can. (I've been horrible about posting my IDC feeling like I have nothing to say.....) Positive and strengthening thoughts to you.

Marie said...

Thanks for the update. I've selfishly missed you. Good luck with the move. I'll be thinking of you.